Monday, November 26, 2012

#fmsphotoaday November Week 4

Last week was busy --- between going up to Portland for a baby appointment, having family in town, celebrating Thanksgiving, and helping the economy (a.k.a. Black Friday shopping), the week flew by!  Even though we have Charlotte's birthday on the books (12.12.12) and some say time will slow down, I'm not so convinced.  I'm afraid things won't slow down and things won't get done.  I hope I can remember to enjoy the small things in life before our small little one arrives.

How was your Thanksgiving?

+ Day 19 - something awesome {seeing our little girl in 4D and scheduling when we will get to meet her}
+ Day 20 - work/play {while I was working, my mom was playing/shopping for Thanksgiving}
+ Day 21 - what I wore {a favorite pair of Toms & hello baby bump :)}
+ Day 22 - grateful {to host family at our house for Thanksgiving}

+ Day 23 - black {Friday movie date with Sam, my mom, and brother}
+ Day 24 - a sound you heard {Saturday college football games all day}
+ Day 25 - sky {clouds as far as the eye can see}

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