Thursday, November 1, 2012

#fmsphotoaday October Week 4+

Sorry for the later post this week - I wanted to squeeze everything into one weekly post, so I waited to finish out the month.

And just like that October is done.  Whoa!  We're at under 6 weeks until we meet our little girl and just two months left in this year - it's just crazy thinking back to January when I started this "photo a day" thing and now I've almost completed the whole year.  Sometimes it makes me feel a little crazy :)

How did October go for you?

+ Day 22 - in town {it's a rainy mess}
+ Day 23 - the view from here {at our 32 week appointment}
+ Day 24 - weather {looks like today might be nicest day for awhile...}

+ Day 25 - people {Sam + our baby girl are my people}
+ Day 26 - listening to {the TV while I catch up on shows from the week}
+ Day 27 - morning {snuggles + reading before running errands}
+ Day 28 - looking back {at a pre-married Sam + I}

+ Day 29 - moon {lit drive into work this morning}
+ Day 30 - clothes {tiny + pink for Charlotte}
+ Day 31 - whatever I please

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