Wednesday, November 7, 2012

34 Weeks!

How Far Along: 34 Weeks!

Size of Baby: a large cantaloupe {19 to 22 in, 5.5 lbs} according to What To Expect.

Maternity Clothes: Anything I can still fit into, I'm wearing.  And the more comfortable it is, the more it gets worn :)

Gender: a sweet baby GIRL!

Movement: As usual, Charlotte has been hanging out on my right side and occasionally pushing out over there.  This week, I've been noticing that I can actually see my stomach move when she's moving around in there and it's the craziest thing!

Sleep: I'm falling asleep just fine, but end up waking up between 3-4am and having a hard time falling back asleep...

What I miss: Finding a comfortable position, whether standing or sitting.

Cravings: With Halloween just passing, there was an abundance of candy around at work, so baby & I were enjoying leftover Smarties almost every day.

Other crazy symptoms: Back & rib pain... as I mentioned before, she likes to hang out on my right side and is still sitting pretty high, so there is a constant pain on my right side that I have been trying to dull for the last week or so.  Other than that, I'm just happy to feel her kicks and know she's still moving around in there as much as she can.

Best Moment this week: Once again, I was showered by family + friends and Charlotte was spoiled!  It was great to see some family we haven't seen in a while and always a blessing to know how many people love us {and her already!}.