Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Calvin // Eleven Months

Dear Calvin,

I know I sound like a broken record, but the months are flying by --- and in less than 25 days, you will be ONE year old! Crazy how that happens, right?

But first, let's focus on this month...

We started things off with our trip to the coast where you not only got to feel sand between your toes, but you also took your first swim in a pool. And upon returning home, we enrolled you in your first swim lesson, which was fun for both of us!

You also got your first real fever this month. It wasn't fun to watch you so sick & sad, but took it as a sign that we all needed a few days of rest + recovery. We did have to take you in to the pediatrician's office because your cough would just not go away, but after a round of antibiotics, you are all better and we are happy to have our sweet boy back!

This month also marked mama's decision to stay home with you indefinitely. (More to come on this one...)

Other things to note:
*Solid foods are still slow going, but you are eating more & more every day.
*You now have seven teeth - four on top, three on bottom - with one more (on the bottom) on the way!
*Crawling is in full force, but you have now learned to stand up holding onto something and have even attempted to stand unassisted here & there.

We love you, baby boy!


[two months]
[three months]
[four months]
[five months]

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