Monday, October 15, 2012

#fmsphotoaday October Week 2

We have entered the Fall weather scene here in the Pacific Northwest and by "Fall weather" I totally mean rain, rain, and more rain :)  Not to sound like I'm complaining here, because I'm not, more just stating a fact.  I'm actually really enjoying the scarves + boots aspect of it all.  Plus, I'm able to wear more from my closet - yay!

Is it feeling like Fall where you are?

+ Day 8 - angle {filled pillow}
+ Day 9 - red {a surprise baby gift from Target --- thank you Rhi!}
+ Day 10 - emotion {happy to finally have a dresser in the nursery!}

+ Day 11 - something close up {a photo Sam took that is currently my computer background}
+ Day 12 - on the table @ Chipotle
+ Day 13 - landscape {Fall trees in our front yard}
+ Day 14 - makes me laugh {how much Lily loves Kristi more than me}

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