Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favorites: HelloBee

As an avid and daily blog reader, I have quite the collection of starred posts in my Google Reader that fit into one of two categories: 1. they either speak to me or 2. they are make me want to {try to} DIY.  Sometimes I go back at reread these posts and other times I just forget I’ve starred them at all.  So instead of letting them pile up in my Google Reader, I thought it’d be best to share some of my favorites with my readers, especially since I know how much I enjoy being introduced to new {to me} blogs that peak my interest and keep me coming back for more.

With less than 8 weeks to go in this pregnancy, I find myself asking questions and researching everything I can think of that would be beneficial – the best registry items, immunizations, getting babies on a schedule, costs associated with raising a child, etc.  So when I stumbled across Hellobee recently, I starred no less than ten posts in my first half hour of browsing through the site.

Hellobee was the brain child of the same person who created Weddingbee and is comprised of several different bloggers who write on the topics of trying to conceive, pregnancy, and parenthood and everything that goes along with it.

What caught my attention right away is that this blog isn't all about the happy moments surrounding pregnancy, but rather the true, every day situations that is happening all around us.  Albeit there are a lot of happy little moments that you can share with the writer, but there are also those that bring you to tears almost instantly because life just isn't fair.  Since our pregnancy has had it's own share of ups & downs, I find myself reading and taking in each post as if I was in their shoes {which, honestly, isn't always an easy place to be}.

If you're a mother or mother-to-be {or longing to be one}, I would highly recommend this site to you.  The stories and advice are both very true and easily available on one site.

Some of my recent favorites are:

Any must-read blogs you would recommend for this mama-to-be?

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  1. I really love Rookie Moms.