Thursday, October 25, 2012

32 Weeks!

How Far Along: 32 Weeks!

Size of Baby: a honeydew melon {19 in, 4.5 lbs} according to What To Expect.

Maternity Clothes: I think I've finally found my groove.  It's nice to have a couple pairs of jeans to rotate through, a handful of tops that fit just right, and some dresses to throw in when I feel like dressing up.  And I'm really enjoying the limited selection each morning because it's saving me time trying to decide what to wear.

Gender: a sweet baby GIRL!

Movement: Still feeling {& loving} it!  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but baby likes to hang out on my right side - like it makes my stomach lopsided when she's over there.  Such a crazy feeling!

Sleep: Still sleeping & thankful for that.  I've been waking up once during the nights to go to the bathroom {and let the pup out}, but other than that, I'm sleeping from 9pm until 5:30am.

What I miss: This week?  My hope... For those who have been following along {and those who haven't can read this post}, our little girl has some big hurdles to overcome when she arrives.  And for the last month or so, I've felt really optimistic about her future, but this week was different.  I felt like my world came crashing down and reality sunk in again.  It's hard to talk about and explain to others how we're mentally preparing to meet our baby in the coming weeks, but I almost feel like we're planning for several outcomes and how different they all look.  I think these ups & downs will continue, but I'm pretty sure they won't get any easier...

Cravings: My usual "3 meals a day" has turned into "6+ snack a day" over the last couple weeks.  It's as if I get hungry, take a bite, and am almost instantly full.  So keeping small portions on hand is key right now.

Other crazy symptoms: Charlie horses... enough said.

Best Moment this week: A couple this week - 1. Attending my third shower, which was pulled right out of Pinterest {a shower recap post to come...} and 2. Seeing our little girl open & close her eyes, suck her thumb, and see that she's probably going to have a little bit of hair at this week's ultrasound.

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  1. You continue to look adorable! I never had charlie horses, hoping those go away soon!