Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dear Calvin // Twelve Months

Dear Calvin,


It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we met you for the first time, but at the same time it feels like you've been with us forever. Before I get all sappy, let's talk about what you're up to these days...

You really enjoy standing up & holding on to things, but no steps yet. You are a little daredevil though, with lots of bumps & (small) bruises to show for it.

You are still slowly liking more & more foods. You will try just about anything once and if we're persistent, we can usually wear you down.

I'm not convinced you've really said any words yet... You definitely say "dadadada" all day long, but it hasn't been towards dad exactly. However, if you ask your grandma/nana they would say you talk to them all the time ;)

This last year has been both trying & amazing all at once. You have made our smiles bigger, arms stronger, home louder, sleep more precious, and prayers more regular.

Calvin, you are such a bright light in our life and we love you SO much!


[two months]
[three months]
[four months]
[five months]

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