Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update - Bullets Edition

  • What? We had a weekend in there? Where did it go? Like most weekends, this weekend went by too fast. Friday came & we were both excited for a weekend at home.
  • Saturday morning, I got up early and ran my list of errands. Sam didn't feel like tagging along and I didn't want him to come if he didn't want to, so it was a "me" morning. Too bad, I couldn't spend any fun money =)
  • I did get my studded tires off my car; returned some shirts to Old Navy for Sam; closed some remaining single-days accounts (i.e. bank accounts/credit cards that I had before we got married & no longer need); went to Winco AND Costco.
  • I quickly realized how these errands were not as easy without Sam, mainly going to Winco & Costco. I felt overwhelemed in both stores & it probably took me twice as long since we tend to "divide and conquer" when we go grocery shopping. Nonetheless, I got it done and was home by noon.
  • Sunday, we went to church & came home for our last bit of time off until the next week began.
  • I tackled the shower & put on a new shower liner, only to realize that it was too short for our shower. Boo! We rigged it so it would work for this morning, but I ran to Bed Bath and Beyond on my lunch and picked up an Extra Long Shower Liner - hope it's not too long!
  • Bullets are fun!

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  1. I have not bought anything now for 7 days!!!!How is it going for you?