Thursday, October 15, 2015

Loving Through Loss: Day 15


photo taken by Sam Grable

When we were told of Charlotte's diagnosis, I prayed for a miracle. When the doctors told us it was most likely lethal, we still hoped they were wrong. To be honest, I remember a number of times pleading with God to take me and save her because as a parent I just wanted to save my child's life. But in December of 2012, Charlotte took her last breath and I was left empty handed & full of guilt.

Still today, three years later, I think about what I could have done differently to save Charlotte. And I think this is a common feeling when one loses someone close to them. Guilt can be debilitating and hard to accept. Be prepared to let someone process why they are still here and their loved one isn't, but remind them they are still here for a reason and it is not their fault.

31 days: Loving Through Loss

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