Friday, October 2, 2015

Loving Through Loss: Day 2

Now that I've covered my heart behind why I chose this topic, I thought it might be nice to outline what the month will look like, as well as have a place for all the posts to be linked back to for future reference.

First, let me preface by saying I love organization. Even in the past when I have written here, I have found myself sticking to specific posts on certain days. So when I began thinking about Write 31 Days, I wasn't surprised when I started thinking in seven categories (one for each day of the week).

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, I plan on sticking to the following schedule:

Saturday // encouragement
Sunday // scripture
Monday // tangible support
Tuesday // grace
Wednesday // resources
Thursday // emotional support
Friday // blog shares

Some of the topics I will be sharing could go in a couple categories, but I tried to choose the category that I felt it fit best in. As I wrote yesterday, I am sharing these from my perspective of losing a child, but I feel like a lot of the tips + encouragement can be applied to other losses as well.

Lastly, as a reference, this post will also serve as a place to reference all the posts for the month in one place (see below).

Day 1: an introduction
Day 2: a look at the month ahead (this post!)
Day 3: it's okay to feel like your loss is the only loss
Day 4: Psalm 43:1-4
Day 5: loving through meals
Day 6: have grace for those who will say silly things
Day 7: "Loving Through Loss" online class
Day 8: call loss what it actually is...
Day 9: Diana Stone's story at Diana Wrote
Day 10: each loss is just that... equally a loss
Day 11: 1 Peter 4:12-13
Day 12: keepsakes
Day 13: fearing reactions
Day 14: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Day 15: survivor's guilt
Day 16: Diana La Counte's story at Our City Lights
Day 17: God is sad with us
Day 18: Habakkuk 1:5
Day 19: check-ins + important dates
Day 20: grace when life goes on
Day 21: After The Loss website
Day 22: tell them how much you miss the person they've lost
Day 23: Heather Spohrs' story at The Spohrs Are Multplying
Day 24: there is no right amount of time to grieve
Day 25: Romans 8:38-39
Day 26: listen

31 days: Loving Through Loss

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