Monday, October 19, 2015

Loving Through Loss: Day 19


photo taken by Sam Grable

Between Charlotte's birth, her passing, and her memorial, we were surrounded by family & friends. But once everyone went home and life went back to "normal" was when our loss felt the most real. Honestly, I was afraid that everyone was going to forget about our baby girl, but thankfully that wasn't true.

One thing I was thankful for when we were in the thick of our loss was the check-ins from people. Sometimes they were on the 12th (Charlotte's birthday) or the 21st (when we said goodbye to her) of each month and other times it was just an ordinary day, but a simple text, phone call, letter saying - "thinking of you!", "how are you?", "love you" - is really encouraging and all you need to say.

31 days: Loving Through Loss

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