Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Loving Through Loss: Day 20


photo taken by Sam Grable

I've touched on the topic of "back to normal" a couple times already, but when you're living it after a loss, it seems unbearable. Even expected loss is hard to come back from. Life looks and feels different, but at the same time, the world around you continues to go on. And that's difficult to understand.

Whether you're the one going through loss or you know someone who is in the thick of it, remember to have grace when life continues on. It's obvious life will never be the same when you've lost a loved one, yet day-to-day activities will continue. As someone who has lost a child, I struggled with why everyone acted so normal when I felt like I was dying inside. Now, I know that no one will ever know what I was feeling exactly because Charlotte was my daughter, not theirs. It's not easy, but when I put myself in their shoes, I understood the bigger picture.

31 days: Loving Through Loss

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